How to Solve the Most Common Problem Pre-Paid Legal Associates Face? – Legal

When I started my Pre-Paid legal business I knew absolutely nothing about building a network marketing company. This meant that I had no choice but be coachable. I did not bring any past MLM failures with me when I signed my associate agreement and paid my $49.00 fee.What attracted me to Pre-Paid Legal was the hope of making a huge income marketing a product that I felt (at the time) would be an easy sale. I started my journey in Pre-Paid Legal by attending the fast start class in my area. I remember being super excited and ready to hit the ground running in my business. One of the first things I was exposed to was the supposedly ‘easy duplicatable system’ that Pre-Paid legal teaches.I was told to make a list of all my friends, family, acquaintances, etc. and then send them a tool (CD, DVD, Magazine) and follow up with them using my sponsor. My sponsor’s job was to build rapport with them, answer a few questions and invite them out to an event (weekly briefing, super saturday, PBR, etc.)I became the master at doing this. I was the 3-way call guru. I would cold call people, prospect people at malls, small businesses, and street corners. You name it I probably did it. I would say that 99% of the prospects that I found at random were crap. By saying crap I mean I had no business prospecting them. They were not interested. They were just strangers who took my DVD, business card, etc. because they were too nice to reject me or tell me they were not interested.So the first problem I faced in my Pre-Paid Legal business was spending an enormous amount of time prospecting and only getting crappy prospects. The few prospects that eventually turned into membership sales or recruits were far and in between. I couldn’t earn enough upfront cash fast enough to pay my expenses. This led to the second problem.Pre-Paid legal is an expensive business to run if it’s done the way they coach. I had autoship expenses every month. I paid for e-service. I had weekly briefings at $5.00 a pop. I was running all over town prospecting and spending tons on gas. I paid to attend super Saturdays and national conventions. I paid hundreds of dollars on business opportunity leads. I also paid for other miscellaneous marketing tools like business cards, paperwork, tapes and cds.This totaled to be a lot of money especially when I could only bring in limited business each month. My Pre-paid legal business was going down the tubes fast because I could not bring in enough CASH to fund the growth of my business. Does any of this sound familiar to you?It wasn’t until I began networking with other empowered entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in MLM that I learned how to solve my two most pressing problems. They taught me how to use technology to generate prospects faster, easier, and more qualified. They also taught me how to generate upfront cash to fund my business and pay the bills regardless if anyone joined my Pre-Paid legal business or bought a membership.The best way to generate upfront cash is by utilizing a funded proposal. A funded proposal is a product or service that you offer your prospects upfront before exposing them to Pre-paid legal. For me, my funded proposal was a sales and marketing system offered by my business partners.Funded proposals work because you get a customer first and build trust. I learned very early on that people don’t join Pre-paid legal by itself, they join me. People join leaders in MLM. People want money and success, but more importantly people want mentors and friends. A sales and marketing system that coaches and converts prospects into sales is a very powerful motivator for prospects to join your team.In addition to using a funded proposal in your Pre-paid legal business, you need to learn how to generate prospects online. This is not to say you abandon offline, but online allows you to target your market more effectively and saves you tons of time because you can reach more prospects.When I started learning how to market online and generate prospects my Pre-paid legal business changed. I had people calling me for a change about my business instead of me chasing people. I learned how to use video marketing, Pay per click marketing, article marketing, social networking, forum marketing and SEO marketing. I am literally generating tons of prospects every day.So in closing, Pre-paid legal associates will forever face the problems of effective lead generation and cash flow until they begin learning how to MARKET and think like ENTREPRENEURS, not distributors.